IMG_0550Student-made board game based on Muslim civilizations and a fictional 
journey through one of them.
CAM00770Students studied various ways in which quality of life is assessed 
around the world and then created their own surveys to measure quality of life within the youth population of their center. It was a very 
small study, but taught students a lot about quality of life and 
20140322_170312Presentations by social entrepreneurs discussing the concept of civil 
society within their work. 9th grade students learn about human 
development, quality of life, civil society, etc. and these 
presentations enhanced their understanding of how development works in the real world.
 IMG_1620The roles of students and teachers in a classroom, created by students to help them stay invested in the classroom and understand their role 
 IMG_1765Students created this image to visualize the Valley of Unity in 
The Conference of the Birds by Farid al-din Attar. This image was 
particularly impactful in showing students' depth of understanding of 
this section of the text.
 IMG_22989th grade students view and discuss a mural created for and displayed 
at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. This field trip took place asa supplemental learning opportunity while covering the concept of 
quality of life of people.
IMG_2920IMG_2921The above students used their knowledge of the Safarnama by Nasir 
Khusraw, a travelogue, to create interesting movie ideas based on the 
messages from the text.