The Power of Community

As the Ismaili Muslim community in the United States prepares for a special event, the national community has mobilized rapidly and strongly. In the past 48 hours alone, various teams handling different aspects of the event have pulled together, started meetings and webinars and sessions for members of the community. They have put together schedules and timings and roles and responsibilities. It is absolutely amazing to see the huge amounts of effort that everyone is putting in to make this event a complete success.

Before things get crazier than they already are, I have been taking time to reflect on the upcoming occasion. Seeing the way in which my community comes together to work with each other and the excitement with which members of the community give up sleep, time and energy to help one another is inspiring, to say the least. It also makes me think about the power that a community like this can have on its youth. A 7 year old boy approached me after a session I conducted last night to talk about how he was going to volunteer for this upcoming event and was excited to be a part of it. I can only imagine how many other youth are caught up in the excitement and the opportunities they have to participate.

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Education at Summer Camp

For the past two years, I have been spending my summers helping out at a couple different camps and it has made me wonder why summer camp experiences are so much different than our yearly classrooms in terms of how content is delivered as well as the impact it has. The two are clearly very different contexts, but why is it that being at a summer camp ensures that a participant walks away with a life-changing experience while being in a classroom at least once a week for 9 months leaves nothing but bitterness and boredom?*

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