I spent much of my childhood making my sister and our stuffed animals act as my students. I imagined myself a teacher to the extent that I kept a grade sheet on each animal (and my sister, when she complied). I’m pretty sure that not every student passed my class.

Now, half of my 5th year of teaching is complete and although my dreams of writing on chalkboards (or whiteboards) and grading papers have been accomplished, there are always so many things to continue reflecting on as I continue teaching.

This year has been more focused on coaching (see previous post) than anything else, but as the teaching goes on, I continue to learn about myself and my students. Here are some reflections from my teaching life in 2016:

  • Strong relationships between student and teacher (as well as within students) are the foundations of a successful classroom.
  • A teacher must balance between being a friend or confidante and being an authority figure.
  • Our students are incredibly capable and skilled…if we let them be who they are and give them the opportunity to show us what they can do.
  • The love that a teacher has for his/her students is nothing less than the love we have for others special people in our lives.
  • Teachers, first and foremost, are learners.

Here’s to a 2017 which teaches us lots more, leaves us with more questions to explore and helps us continue to make an impact in our students’ lives.


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