It was through a recent inspiring conversation with a colleague that I realized what I was missing out on by not being an active part of the digital world. As a teacher, technology can sometimes be an enemy in the classroom. There are many times when it takes students away from the concentration and focus we’d like them to have in a lesson. However, I think there are also many benefits to using technology, which is such an inherent part of kids’ lives today, to enhance their learning experiences.

Besides classroom use, though, there are other benefits to technology that can help a teacher improve his/her skills as well as inspire and motivate them to work towards becoming better educators. Having recently rejoined Twitter and updated my Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts, I feel that I can finally move forward in putting my voice out there to learn from others and help others where I can.

When I was speaking with the above mentioned colleague, I expressed to him my fear of not really having anything to say to the world. His question to me was (something along the lines of), “What’s holding you back?” I think that sparked a thought (well, many thoughts) about how maybe it’s not about not having anything to say but about finding the voice I already have somewhere and using it to better the world around me.

Sometimes, in the day to day grind of the teaching life, I get so caught up in all the little things and so stressed out by the small failures and tensions that I forget the years of experience (albeit, most of it is voluntary) of teaching and working with youth that I have under my belt. It is these experiences, along with my education, travel, reading and other life experiences that have made me a reflective person and will help me to continue growing, learning and making a change in the world I live in.

So, here we go. Today, I take my first steps into the digital realm where I hope I can teach a little, but learn and connect a lot. Thank you for joining me in my journey.


Penny for your thoughts?

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